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Return on IT investments taking too long?

So many vendors promise to save money by quoting TCO figures with outlandish assumptions. Why not choose a cloud server vendor that has lower capex (today), lower opex (for ever) and saves your teams’ time and effort with the richest set of APIs, management interfaces and provisioning tools - compatible with your existing investments?

  • Save $41,000 every year on hosting costs alone compared to commonly used servers. (Based on standard US rack rates, and Dell 730xd servers for equivalent compute)

  • On datacentre costs alone, your Senient investment would be completely paid for within 2 years.

  • No more half-empty racks due to per-rack power limitations.

  • Allows you to quadruple your capacity in standard density datacentres compared to competitor hyper-converged servers.

  • 80% lower TCO than traditional virtualization or cloud platforms.

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