Within the Senient Cloud Platform, Services are deployed to Environments, which represent a collection of resources meeting a common specification that can be utilized together. Common examples of Environments would Dev, QA, Production, or more specifically Prod-EU, Prod-APAC, Prod-US.


Static / Dynamic

Resources can be allocated to Environments either Statically, with the full amount of resources reserved for the Environment to use as needed or Dynamically, allowing up to the specified amount of resources to be consumed as needed without the need to pay for unused resources. Environments can contain both Static and Dynamic resources.

Simple Resource Selection

Environments can be created or expanded easily with a single command through a rich query lanugage. 

Resource Bidding

Resources can also be bid on for compute intensive workloads that don't require dedicated resources or high uptime. With resource bidding, you can specify the Service you wish to deploy and a per hour bid price. Available resources will be allocated to the Service with the highest bid price in the queue that will fit into the available resources. The Service will be retracted and / or hibernated and returned to the queue as higher priority workloads are available, leaving any defined Stores in take for future retrieval or additional computation.