Introducing the Senient Cloud Platform

Resources, not servers.

Senient Systems hardware is optimal for container-based cloud hosting. When purchasing cloud hosting infrastructure from Senient Systems, our customers receive 4 basic resources: CPU Cores (X86, ARM64, ARM32), RAM, Storage, and Bandwidth. All resources are 100% software-defined and managed through an embedded, physically isolated management system that can run standalone, or integrate with existing management systems. Our unique design results in up to 80% improvements in energy efficiency over standard server offerings and unmatched overall energy efficiency.




The Senient Resource Enclosure integrates all resources a modern cloud requires into a standard, toolless 2U rack mounted enclosure. These enclosures can be deployed and managed across multiple data centers as a single pool of resources through the Senient Intelligent Management System (IMS).

The Senient Cloud Platform provides the ability to deploy and expand private and public clouds in days instead of months with zero downtime.



Up to 384 2.0 GHz X86 or ARM Cores


Redundant 5 Gbps Internal Fabric

Up to 8 External 10Gbps SFP+



Up to 24 TB Flash (PCIe)


Up to 1.52 TB DDR3


The enclosure can connect into your existing network through eight 10 Gbps SFPs and seamlessly integrate with your existing software stack (including, OpenStack, Xen, Docker, KVM, Puppet, OpenFlow, Cisco, etc.). Embedded in each enclosure is an advanced, physically isolated monitoring and management system and designed to ensure optimal security.




Intelligent Management System (IMS)

The Senient IMS provides real-time streaming metrics, covering all aspects of the system. This includes everything from the processes to the load balancers. IMS functionality includes:


Dynamic Response

Engine Providing the ability to implement automatic responses to complex environmental conditions.

Normalized API

Providing access to near real-time environmental conditions and the ability to respond.



Providing the ability to monitor and manage your global infrastructure resources securely from a single, resilient system.

component library

Providing a pre-configured, standard set of scripts and applications to simplify deployment and configuration.



The Senient Cloud Platform is designed to be the most efficient infrastructure for modern distributed systems.


Welcome to the future of cloud hosting infrastructure.


We want to speak with you. Direct your inquiries to Senient Systems at: or through our Contact Us page.



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