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Model-Driven Infrastructure

The Senient Cloud Platform is built around the concept of Model-Driven Infrastructure (MDI). The requirements of a service are defined through a YAML-based Service Definition file, and then instantiated into a specified collection of cloud resources, which we call an Environment.

Service Definitions provide portability between clouds and total reproducibility of whole environments.

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API-First Design

The Senient Cloud Platform is designed and built API-first, ensuring everything can be automated, and we mean everything.

Normalized Metric and Event pipelines provide detailed data on all of your services, infrastructure, and dependencies.

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Using 2-factor authentication and cryptographic ledgers for all changes to Environments, the Senient Cloud Platform provides a cryptographically verifiable state. This approach reduces or eliminates many of the most common attack vectors.

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Task-oriented CLI and Console provide the ability to achieve your goals quickly, without having to dig through endless dialogs to complete common tasks.

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The Senient Container Appliance integrates all resources a modern cloud requires into a standard, toolless 2U rack mounted enclosure. These enclosures can be deployed and managed across multiple data centers as a single pool of resources through the Senient Intelligent Management System (IMS).

The Senient Cloud Platform provides the ability to deploy and expand private and public clouds in days instead of months with zero downtime.

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